Error Codes

This page gives you information about what errors can occur and how to handle them.

Deepinfo utilizes HTTP response error codes to show the success or failure of your API requests. If your request fails, Deepinfo returns an error with the appropriate status code.

Generally, status code ranges are described as follows.

  • 2XX codes (success): Successful status code verifies that your request worked as expected.
  • 4XX codes (client error): Error codes indicate the list of HTTP status codes used for possible failed requests of the client.
  • 5XX codes (server error): Although they are not common but indicate possible errors with Deepinfo servers.

Deepinfo API Exception Codes

CodeHTTP CodeExceptionDetail
10000400InvalidDomainNameExceptionThe given input is not a valid domain name.
10001400MissingExtensionExceptionDomain extension is not given in the input.
10002400InvalidExtensionExceptionDomain extension in the given input is not valid.
10003400InvalidSubdomainExceptionDomain subdomain in the given input is not valid.
11000400InvalidFqdnExceptionThe given input is not a valid fqdn.
12000400InvalidIPExceptionThe given input is not a valid IP.
17000400InvalidPortExceptionThe given input is not a valid port.
17001400InvalidPortRangeExceptionInvalid port range.
10400400InvalidRequestExceptionValidation Error
10408400InternalTimeoutExceptionRequest timed out.
10444400RemoteConnectionResetExceptionConnection reset by remote server.